An amazing teacher very natural and caring with a great sense of humour thrown in.
— Emily Evelyn
I love Jades classes! I’ve only been doing yoga for a short time, Jade makes me feel welcome and relaxed. I like that she adjusts my postures and helps me attempt some tricky ones that I probably wouldn’t try on my own (so we have a laugh too!) My only complaint is I can’t make it to more of her classes!
— Sara Padwick
Thank you Jade for such a beautiful class. You put me at ease as I walk into the room. I know from the calmness in your voice that I will be relaxed. You push me enough to feel the burn and gently guide us through the class, I come out feeling refreshed and well stretched. Highly recommend Jades classes!
— Lauren Bridgeman
This was my first every yoga class! I was really nervous, but Jade made me feel very welcome and told me to go at my own pace.
She gave options and made the postures work for everyone. It was a challenge but I enjoyed it and didn’t realise I’d work up a sweat too!

With a meditation at the end, I came out feeling revived!

Will definitely be going back to more of Jade’s classes and i would highly recommend her.
— Sarah Louise
A great yoga instructor with a great ability to create challenging yet achievable flows. With no class ever the same, I always felt that Jade’s classes provide the opportunity to develop and grow as a yogi. Her attention to detail in breathing and correction of poses has helped me value the true fundamentals of yoga.
— Joe Newbold